Sunday, July 3, 2011

Disney Wonder ~Day 6~

March 4, 2011
The Breakfast of Champions!
 The adults take a trip to Cabo to visit Lover's Beach

On the dock in Cabo!

We rent a glass-bottom water taxi to go to the beach.

We had to stop for gas first!

Lots of tropical fish!

The taxi takes us close to shore and hit the beach.

Disney Wonder in the background.
Amazing rock formations at Lover's Beach

We made it to our tropical island! 
It actually wasn't crowded at all.
The waves were breaking very steep and violently;
not a good place to wade or swim.
  BEFORE picture.
AFTER Picture

Lily, Meri, Ian, Nate, Cole and Laura.

Meri, Ian, Mary, Cole, Laura


Some guy came by selling drinks. 
 He had a large lizard.

Lily and the lizard.

Lovers at Lover's Beach

Lily the mermaid

Time to go home.

The "pee cave".  There are no restrooms at the beach.

Getting back on the water taxi


Shannon wearing a dress she bought in Cabo.
Los Arcos from the ocean side.
The Carnival Splendor follows at a distance. 
This is the cruise ship that broke down in 2010.
Disney Elevators.

Ice cream station.  All you can eat!
Lobster for dinner!
Turtle in the room that night. 
Asher was very upset because he wanted an elephant. 
We asked the stateroom attendant to make an elephant for him!

Family karaoke.
Brian singing Brittney Spears.
Shannon and Lily take a turn.
Dad belts a tune.
Where is ASHER??????? 

Peek a boo!