Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easter Dresses

The dresses Mary made for the girls for Easter.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Shannon's Birthday Party

March 14, 2009
We're a little out-of-order here.
Shannon's party was BEFORE our California trip.
We still wanted to get these photos out to everyone.
Shannon turned 8 on Feb 7.
It only took us 5 weeks to have her party!
Shannon's cake.
Dad tried to get the cake out of the pan and ruined it!
At least I decorated it for her.
Shannon took it all with good humor.
We ended up buying cupcakes instead.
Games in the backyard

Shannon chose a "stained glass"-style
painting activity for the party

Opening presents

More games

Happy birthday, baby!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 10 ~ Heading Home ~March 29

Redding, CA, to Nampa, ID
Our last day on the road
Some blacktail deer on the side of the road
Our expedition to get mistletoe
and a pine cone for Kyla.
Majestic Mt. Shasta

Kyla in Burney, CA
Pit River Falls in Fall River Mills, CA

It snowed lightly the whole way home
Approaching Lakeview, OR

The Albert Rim, largest escarpment in the US

Deserts of SE Oregon

Near Burns, OR

Ontario, OR
Getting close to home!
We were so tired, we forgot to take
the "we're home!" picture.
All in all, the trip was fantastic.
We logged a total of 2300 miles in the
minivan, all with a 2-year-old!
Having a DVD player in the car
makes a life tolerable there.
I'm thinking that this scale of a trip
is an "every five years" type of event.
I wonder where we'll go next time?
How about an East Coast road trip?