Saturday, July 10, 2010

Greer Family Reunion

We celebrated the 2010 Greer reunion at
Reid Ranch near Tabiona, UT. 
The facility included a lodge, chow hall,
swimming pools, archery range, equestrian area,
waterfront, snack bar, sports fields,
miniature golf, and campfire areas.  We had a BLAST!

The weather, food, service and company was great. 
We all had a wonderful time.

Thanks Chip, Stephanie, Mom and Dad!

Bernsdorff Cousins

Just a few of my sister's kids.

Discovery Center

June 29, 2010

We took the Bernsdorffs to the Discovery Center in Boise. 
This is a fascinating hands-on science museum. 
Afterward, we spent some time at the park.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Asher bringing home his treasure from Golden Spike.

Having Fun at ATK

The Rocket Display at the ATK facility in Howell, UT
 is worth a stop if you're in the area. 
This is the factory where they build the
booster rockets for the Space Shuttle. 
They put inert rockets on display and you can even climb inside!

Gloden Spike

On our way home from Brigham City, UT,
Grandma and Grandpa Bingham took us to
Golden Spike National Historic Site. 
During the Summer, the steam the replica #119 and
 Jupiter engines out to the site of where the trains met in 1869.

Asher was in HEAVEN!

Makenna's Graduation

We're very proud of Makenna for her high school graduation!


Makenna & Baby Ty

June 2010

Kandi took Makenna and Baby Ty out for a special photo shoot. 
Here's some of the results.

Hill AirForce Museum

June 23, 2010

We went with the Bernsdorffs to the
Hill Air Force Base Museum in Roy, Utah.  T
he kids loved seeing the old planes.

Asher especially loved it and took home a toy F-16. 
He wouldn't let go of it even while sleeping.

Aunt Kandi's House

June 22, 2010
G & G, Asher and Mary went to Utah
for Makenna's High School Graduation.

G & G Bingham's Visit

June 21, 2010

Girls Camp 2010

June 15-18
Girl's camp for Kyla was back at Katherine Creek again.
The camp is near Union, Oregon.
It rained very hard and everyone's belongings were soaked.
She still had a great time!



June 17, 2010
We spent some time volunteering at
the Church orchard in Caldwell.
Our job was to thin out the peaches before they ripen.
We all had a great time but it's really hard work.
We couldn't help playing on an old bulldozer we found on the site.

Free Fishing Day

Free fishing day in Idaho June 12th!
We took the kids and the cousins to
Wilson Springs here in Nampa.
We enjoyed the "combat fishing"
and Dad got in trouble by the
Fish and Game officers for helping the kids too much (?).



 We caught a number of fish and had them for dinner afterward.

Playtime with cousins

Aunt Ember and the kids came down from
Washington to spend a few days with us.
We absolutely loved it!
The kids were great and everyone had a great time.