Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Halloween, 2009

Kyla stayed home to hand out candy, and Dad had to work.
Shannon went around the neighborhood with her friends,
and Asher walked around until he crashed.

This is most ambitious jack-o-lantern we've ever attempted.
Asher having a cow.

Ward Halloween Party

October 30, 2009
For the "Trunk-or-Treat", the kids got creative.
Asher is a Winnie the Pooh / Vampire bat hybrid.
Shannon dressed as her favorite action hero, Indiana Jones.
Kyla is Sandy from "Grease".

Lots of candy for Dad to raid!

Carving Pumpkins

October 29, 2009
Our yearly ritual of carving pumpkins! We picked the pumpkins on our trip to Linder Farms. We bought one of those fancy kits for stenciling on intricate patterns. Sorry, just dont' have the patience for it! It was mostly back to squares and triangles for the face designs.

Lazy Sunday

October 25, 2009
Shannon snuck up on us and snapped this photo.
GREAT family activity for a Sunday afternoon!

Kyla's 13th Birthday Party

For her 13th birthday, Kyla decided she wanted
to go to the Boise mall for a "Mall Scavenger Hunt".
Unfortunately, the scavenger hunt lasted
about 5 minutes before the kids were discovered
by a mall security officers and told to stop!
I'm very surprised that the mall would want to alienate
it's "bread and butter" demographic group, 13-year-old girls.
The kids ended up having fun anyway!

Horsing around at the mall.

Pizza Time


Peanut Race
Sara Adams, our neighbor,
made an AMAZING birthday cake!

The mummy strikes!

Donut eating contest!