Saturday, December 12, 2009

Independence Lakes Hike: Day 2

Morning Breaks!

We bent this tree to suit our needs.

Was the water warm? No.

The Slotemaker family.
They were the only smart ones among us,
because they hiked in with chairs!

The saddle between Cache Peak and Mt. Independence

Dan Reeder and family

One last rainbow on the way out!
Dad ends up carying everything....
Dad, Kyla and Shannon

Independence Lakes Hike: Day 1

Our second annual hike to the
Independence Lakes in Southern Idaho, near Oakley.
At the Trailhead
The Slotemakers ready to go.
Ryan and Cierra. Me trying out my new backpack.
Dan Reeder.
About 1 mile along the 4 mile trail.

Shannon and Kyla at the half-way point.
Well-deserved rest!

Lake #1

Setting up camp

Dinner time.

Our first fish!
Kyla loves to bait the hook with worms.

Enjoying twilight around the campfire.
2 rainbow trout become dinner.

bed time