Thursday, February 26, 2009

Activity Days ~ Making Dinner

We made enchiladas and a chocolate pie
for a family in our ward.
The girls did a great job!!

A little snack

This was the girls idea of a snack after church.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A new way to entertain Asher

Asher loves to play with his cars.
Now he loves to put his cars in the water bottle!

Flat Stanley


We were asked to take some pictures with Flat Stanley for Katie Adams, our girls' cousin. We decided to run to the state line, so we could get pictures in 2 states. The closest place to do this is Nyssa, Oregon. We stopped at the park while we were there.

Valentine's Day

Nate bought me these flowers.
Thank you Nate!!
They're Beautiful
I love them.....and YOU!!
We went to Tucanos for lunch instead of dinner.
It reminded me of when we went
with Nate's family to the one in Provo, UT.
That was FUN a time!!
If you like meat this is the place to go!!
It was so good Nate and I were stuffed.
P.S. Nate I would love to go there again!!
My sisters Tricia and Ember sent
Shannon and I presents.
Thank you!!
Nate took Asher outside since it was
such a nice day.
Asher sure had fun riding in the backpack!!
We were going to take the kids to the movies,
but they weren't behaving so we didn't go. :(
But all in was a great day!!

Out with a Friend

My Friend Kristi and I went to Famous Dave's for dinner.
Our birthdays are close to each other.
Plus she is moving to Utah.
So this was our night to hang out.
The food was AWESOME!!
We really enjoyed not having
any kids hanging on us!!

Activity Days - Valentine's Day Cookies/Cards

For this activity we frosted sugar cookies,
and made cards. Then we went and
delivered them to some families in our ward.

Mary's Birthday

My Sister Kandi and her family sent me these flowers!
Thank you guys I love them!!
We had the Bohn Family over for
pizza, cake and ice cream.
And of course to play the wii.
We had a great time!!

Shannon opening her present from
Grandma & Grandpa Greer.

Nate and the kids bought me a
popcorn popper and a wii fit.
Both Kyla and Shannon helped
with decorating the cake.