Monday, January 26, 2009

Asher and Nursery

Asher has had a really hard
time going to nursery on Sundays.
We have to stay in there with him or
he screams and runs out the door.

This Sunday I took him in and waited
until he was busy playing and then left.
He cried for about ten minutes before falling asleep.
At this point I went in the room to talk to his teacher.
While I was in there his teacher tried to
lay him down but he woke up.
I was able to get out of the room without
him seeing me. And he was fine!!

I was able to go to Relief Society
for the first time in months!!!
What a great day Sunday was!!!!

Last year they about 13 kids in the class,
but this year there is only about 5 kids.
Asher hates big groups!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Asher's 2 year check-up.

Asher weights 25.6 lbs and is 32.75 inches tall.

Most of you don't know, but Asher was
tested for Autism back in August.
The results then were 1 major marker and 2 minor makers.

Asher was retested yesterday.
This time he had 1 major marker and 1 minor marker.
The doctor doesn't think he has Autism
but since he has markers for it he wants to
retest again in three months.

Meanwhile we are suppose to be working really
hard on trying to get him to sleep at night, and talk.
He will only say 7 words.

Thank you to all our Family who
have supported us through this!!

Nate & Mary

Party with Friends

We had some friends over to help Celebrate Asher's Birthday.
Our neighbor and friend Sara Adams made the cake.
It was outstanding!! What an amazing cake!!
Unfortunately we didn't take many pictures.
Oh well maybe next time!

Asher doesn't like it when you sing to him or around him.
So he will start yelling at you to stop.
Its really funny!!

Mousetrap Car

Kyla had to make a car out of a mousetrap for Science.
Kyla and Nate worked really hard on it
and it turned out awesome.
Her car went 5.7 meters.

Shoveling snow/tubing

Since Nate was working from home,
we decided to shovel the driveway
and do a little tubing.
Asher hates to wear gloves. :(
Notice the shoes I am wearing.
High heels!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dining out

The girls picked where to eat since
Asher is too young to pick.
They picked Mongolian BBQ

Asher opening his card from
Grandma & Grandpa Greer.

Play in the Snow

The kids had a blast playing in the snow with the neighbor girls.

Waking up to SNOW!!


Asher Celebrating

We were having a Family Game Night,
when we looked over to see Asher trying
to drink Sparkling Cider out of the bottle.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Random Videos of Asher's Birthday

Opening his presents.
Eating Cake!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009