Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day started with Asher waking up sick at 1 AM.
He finally fell asleep at 4 AM and slept until 6 AM.
Around this point Nate and Grandpa left to go hunting.
(they didn't get anything) :-(
I was lucky enough to get Asher to go back to sleep at 7:30 AM.
And I slept until 8:30 AM.
When I came downstairs Grandma and
the girls had already started on the pies!!
Pumpkin pie!!
Lemon Meringue Pie
The girls were a big help getting the food ready to cook.
At some point the men came home from hunting.
But not before stopping at the store on their way home,
to buy some puzzles, ice cream and milk!!
This year we cooked our turkey in a roaster pan.
So we had room in the oven to cook other things.
And it turned out GREAT!!

The food was YUMMY!!
After stuffing ourselves and resting we did puzzles
and games for the rest of the day!

Here we are playing Rummikub!

We love you!! And miss you!!
And are sorry we could be there the help you celebrate!

The Start of our Holiday

Our Holidays started on Wednesday,
with Nate working from home,
the girls having no school,
and Grandma & Grandpa Greer coming for a visit.
After G & G Greer arrived we visited for a little bit
before we went to Nate's favorite place DI.
(Deseret Industries)
The girls each bought a stuffed animal.
But for Asher we found a treasure!!!
For $2.00!! He just LOVES IT!
He will play with it for hours.

Later, Grandma and I went to the
store for last minute supplies.
While Nate went to work (job #2),
and Kyla watch the kids.
After Nate got off work we
played some games before we went to bed!!

Kyla's Basketball Games

So the BIG GAME DAY arrived.
Nate and I went to West Middle School to cheer Kyla on.
Kyla's school had two teams, since they had so many girls .
Kyla was on Team #1.
Every team played three games.
The first game didn't go too well.
The second went better.
We lost by two. :-(
The third game was close too.
All in all Kyla played really well!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Indoor Soccer

I am so sorry that these pictures aren't that great.
All I can say is that I didn't take them.
Shannon did. I was busy keeping Asher happy!! :-)
Asher finally pooped out.
I guess that's what you get when you have two girls,
with three game in one day!!
Two soccer, (Kyla), one Basketball (Shannon)


Kyla is doing 6th grade Basketball. She will be having her BIG game day on Tuesday. She doesn't really like her coaches but I told her that is life!! I will post post after her game day. Kyla also is playing Indoor Soccer. She had her first 2 game on Saturday. She played really good. It is really different. Its a smaller field and you can kick the ball off the walls. And the pace is much faster. The parents are behind a glass wall, which makes it hard to cheer for the team. Or yell at your kid!! LOL
Shannon is doing really well in Basketball. Every game she is getting better. This is her first year playing, but you won't really know it. She does need to be more aggressive, but that will come in time. I find it funny to watch her at times, because she is such a mother hen to everyone. (BOSSY) If someone isn't doing what they're suppose too, she will time them. She has one more game left. YEAH!!!
As many of you know by now Asher passed his hearing test. And we having been working like carzy to get him to talk. I am happy to say he as added two new words to his vocabulary!! Car and Up. So that make 7 words all together. We are hoping to add more before he starts speech therapy. We are also hoping that he stops freaking out everytime mom/dad leaves.
This is the busiest time of the year for Nate, as his job at HP has a real surge during the Holidays. Nate loves to spend his available time with the kids and dream of the great fishing trips we've had this year. He is hoping to get out for some duck hunting mornings through the Winter. Oh yeah, Nate got 2nd place in the unofficial Elder's Quorum skeet shooting competition! Living in Idaho is a paradise for Nate.
Mary spends most of her time with the girls' sports. Every day, there is at least one game or practice, and usually more than one. She is also busy with her calling. Mary will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year, and Grandma and Grandpa Greer are visiting us from Utah.

Spiky Hair

Kyla loves to do hair.
Asher as you can see is her latest victim.
Doesn't he look HANDSOME??


Kyla took this picture of the sunset.
It sure was beautiful that night!!

Fun Dancing

There are days when we just need to let go and be silly.
So we turn the music up LOUD and dance around.
As you can see this was one of those days
and BOY was everyone SILLY!!
Shannon ~~~~~~~~ Asher
Kyla & Makayla ~~~~~~~~ Shannon