Friday, October 31, 2008


This year we went to Nate's work to Trick or Treat.
And then after that we went to our ward's Trunk or Treat.
The kids and I went to a few close neighbors houses,
and then the girls went with some friends around the neighborhood.
Kyla was Indiana Jones.
Shannon was a Geisha Ninja.
Asher was a dog.

David's Surprise

My brother David wasn't suppose to be home
until sometime this weekend or next week.
But he got home yesterday!!!
Now we are looking forward to having Mitchell home!!
(My brother-in-law)
Mitchell you are in our prayers.
Please be safe and know that we love you!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Student of the Week

Shannon is the Student of the Week in her class.
As a special treat I took her McDonald's for lunch.
Pictures include Shannon's friend Lexie, the Principle
Asher & Shannon on the playground.
Also It was crazy hair day at school,
she doesn't look this way normally. :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Activity Day Craft

This is the craft we did.
I hope everyone had FUN!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

The kids carved three pumpkins this year.
We're saving the seeds inside to plant for next year.
The girls went with mostly "classic" designs
(triangle eyes, etc.).
Asher did NOT want to put his hand inside the pumpkin.
For Halloween, we'll be at the Church "Trunk-or-Treat"
first and then head home for the main event.
This will be Kyla's last Trick-or-Treat year,
as we intend to enforce the "12 year old" rule.

Kyla's Birthday Dinner

On each birthday the Birthday Girl or Boy
gets to pick where we go to Celebrate.
This year Kyla was gone for her actual birthday
and when she got home things were just crazy.
So we are just now celebrating.
Kyla wanted to go to Olive Garden!!
Boy was the food YUMMY!!!

Crazy Monday

Today was a crazy Monday!!
Things didn't get to crazy until after I had
picked up the girls up from school.
They both had an appointment with my orthodontist.
Shannon went first and was her usual talkative self.
She needs to have a spacer put in between
two teeth to let one come in all the way.
Dr. Stevens was having a hard time getting it in and
Shannon was freaking out because she was bleeding a little bit.
Next was Kyla, and you could tell that things were not good.
Dr. Stevens wasn't joking like normal.
YEP you guessed it she needs braces.
Her lower jaw is smaller than her upper jaw.
So after learning all our options and the cost we left.
Our next stop was Walmart to find costumes for the girls.
Nate met us there with Asher.
And of course we could only find one for Shannon.
We let Asher pick out a pumpkin and bought
everything else and were on our way.
We went home to drop Nate's car off
so we could run our other errands.
One was a stop at a different Walmart and
they didn't have anything either. :(
Next we went to dinner for Kyla's birthday.
I know... Her birthday was a long time ago.
Got to love Olive Garden!!
On we go to Target where Nate drops Asher,
Kyla and I off, so we could look for a costume.
While Nate and Shannon go the Lowe's to
get wood for the my Activity Day craft.
Our next stop was Savers. and yep they didn't have anything either.
The last stop we made was at Fred Meyers, and still nothing.
We finally made it home!!!
Next on our list was carving the pumpkins!!
The kids made to bed at 10:40pm.
I am so ready to join them!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Washing the Car

The kids had a ton of fun washing the car!!
Asher was soaked by the time we were done!!

High School Musical 3

The girls and I met up with our
friends the Lambsons to see
High School Musical 3.
I was a little disappointed with the movie.
It wasn't as good as the other two... at least that is my opinion.
But it was still a good movie.
The girls really enjoyed it!!!

Fall Fun

We only have one tree in our yard, but we make the best of it! What fun is there in raking leaves? Jumping in the pile, of course!